Thursday, 26 March 2009

Taking a Break - March 2009 onwards

Just a note to inform everyone that I will be taking a break. So will not be accepting any further cake orders until further notice.
17th January 2010 - decided to continue with a new blog. Check my profile for the link to the other blog.


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After a failed fresh IVF and failed FET with single blasts each time, I have a vague sense that my RE is going to suggest "taking a break", esp because I have a major work responsibility that is highly stressful over the next few weeks, and she is aware of this. Now personally, this notion of a "break" is never something I've been able to willingly do. I did take a break for 2 months after my ectopic because I had no choice, but even then, I was counting my cycle days, timing intercourse to the best of my ability, etc.


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